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Augmented Reality Diving Helmets (ARDH)


Poor visibility is always a big obstacle for divers working in epeiric seas due to the environment with high turbidity and low brightness. This might not only result in low working efficiency, but also threaten the safety of divers due to the intrinsic feelings of being lost, nervousness and even panic attacks in a dark space.

To circumvent such problems, current solutions rely on an addition of a display in front of an eye to visualize acoustic topography images or communication messages from the surface. Because one eye is blocked by an opaque screen, only one eye is available to observe real scenes underwater. Significant contrasts of color and brightness between two eyes may cause eye fatigue and even physical vomitingfor the divers, decreasing work efficiency and introducing risk to personal safety.


In our solution, augmented reality (AR) glasses are integrated into diving helmets to display useful information including real-time images, videos and textual messages. Since the AR glasses are partially transparent, the divers are able to view the virtual frames and real scenes at the same time using both eyes.

Our augmented reality diving helmets (ARDHs) system also provides unlimited accesses to acoustic scanners and digital cameras, which allows 3D spatial navigation and end-to-end communication based on gesture recognitions for the divers. ARDHs offer a complete solution for the underwater real-time communications, AR visualizations and hand-free operations.


  • Relaxed diving with enhanced vision and real-time communications
  • Add hands-free operations to conventional commercially available diving helmets
  • 3D navigation and 3D models for simulations
  • Instant digital media including images, videos and industrial voice commands

Inquiries and further information, please reach out to info@cfd-finland.fi